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Computers @ NFL

Computer FAQ

Why are there time and print management programs?
In the interest of fair use of the library by all, installing the programs will mean everyone will have a chance to use the pcs and everyone will pay for printouts.

Do I need a reservation even though I'll be "real quick"?
There are catalog pcs on the first, second and third floors that allow patrons to browse the catalog and databases.

What time do the public computers shut down at the end of the day?
All public computers in the building shut down 15 minutes before closing.  A timer at the bottom of the screen should tell you how many minutes you have remaining.

Is there a limit as to how long I can use a library computer? 
No, there is no maximum time limit anymore. As long as the library is open (and it is not 15 minutes before closing), you can use your Minuteman library card to log into and use one of our computers. Each session goes for up to 120 minutes at a time, and time extensions are possible (or you can log in again).

Reserving a PC

Can I reserve a computer by asking a librarian?
You may still reserve the use of a pc by asking a reference librarian.


How does the printing system work?
Black and white print-outs cost .10 cents each and color print-outs cost .25 cents each. You will need to enter a User ID (this can be anything you choose) to send your document to the printer. Once printed, a message will tell you the job number and pick up location. Print jobs can be paid for and retrieved at the nearest reference desk. Tell the librarian your job number or User ID and they will receive your payment and then release the print job.

What if I print something by accident? Do I still have to pay for it?
Print jobs not in the computer lab are released by librarians. In the computer lab you choose to release a job.

If you need a print job canceled in the computer lab please ask a librarian on duty.

If you do not want a print job simply do not ask the librarian to print it. You won't be charged and your library card will not be fined for any print outs.

Can I use my own paper for printing? 
No, library printers must use library paper. No resume paper or photo paper may be inserted into the library printers. 


How to send a print job
Ask a reference librarian for the email address to send the email to.

Then go to the First Floor Reference Desk to pick up your printout. 

Printouts are single-sided and in color. 

Note: There is a 5 MB limit to the email size and a 5MB limit to each attachment. HP ePrint supports a maximum of 10 attachments to a single email. Emails that exceed these limits will not print.

Black & White $0.10 cents per sheet.

Color: $0.25 cents per sheet.

Please pay at the Circulation Desk.

Note: You will be charged for each page that prints.

Locking the PC

What if someone takes over the computer if I walk away for a moment?
Whatever the reason may be (bathroom break, snack, searching for a book, etc); patrons have the ability to lock their reserved computer with a password for up to 15 minutes. If it's locked, no one but that patron can unlock it. However, after 15 minutes, the computer will unlock itself and become available for the next patron to use. We're not responsible for personal belongings, so please don't leave things behind.