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Digital Newton

Special Collections at Newton Free Library

Special Collections contains records of Newton’s history from its founding in 1630 to the present and a wide-range of data relating to the current institutions of the City in matters of interest to today’s population. Items preserved include print and non-print materials produced by City departments, private Newton organizations and individuals, as well as Newton businesses and the library. Examples of materials include City Directories, Assessed Polls, school yearbooks, School Committee Minutes, street maps and atlases, Newton histories, City Annual Reports, biographies of Newton residents, photographs, and local newspapers. Also included are newsletters, pamphlets, and annual reports of organizations and clubs of general interest to the City. The Newton newspapers are indexed and the bibliography Newtoniana gives the reader access to and familiarity with the resources of the collection. Take a look at Digital Newton for examples of resources found in the Newton Collection.

Special Collections Use Policy

The resources in Newton Free Library’s Special Collections are available for use by all.  A photo-ID or library card is required when using any item in Special Collections.  Please sign-in at the Tech Desk. To provide the best service, we recommend contacting the library about your visit and interests before coming in to use items in Special Collections. 

Our Special Collections room consists of a Massachusetts collection, Newton Collection, and Genealogical Research section.  Anyone may use the materials located on the shelves in that room. Special Collections also stores many items in a locked Compact Shelving area. A librarian will retrieve items stored in Compact Shelving for your use one at a time.

For your convenience, much of our collection is digitized.  When an item can be viewed online, by microfilm or microfiche, we recommend using that format in order to preserve our unique materials.

While we prefer that you bring a camera, or camera phone, to take photographs of materials for your personal use, materials in Special Collections can be scanned or photocopied by a librarian. Please inquire at the Tech Desk.

Below is an example of a catalog record for an item that has a digital record availed for viewing: