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Newton Talks

An Oral History Project for the city of Newton.

Participation Process

We are currently interviewing 4 groups: Veterans, Relatives of Veterans, Immigrants, Newton Memories (for long-term residents). If you are interested in participating, you will need a packetEach packet includes: a Release form,Biographical Data form, and the list of questions that will be asked during the interview (of course, participants can choose not to answer selected questions). We allow for 45 minutes per interview.

There are several ways to receive a packet:

1. Download packet forms from the boxes below and send them back to the following address:

Newton Senior Center, c/o Ilana Seidmann, 345 Walnut Street, Newtonville, MA 02460

2. Call 617-796-1670 to request a packet be mailed to you.

3. Submit a packet request form below and a packet will be mailed to you.

We will schedule an interview AFTER receiving your completed packet forms.


Veteran Packet Forms

We want to collect stories from veterans who live in Newton currently, or have in the past.

Relative of Veteran Forms

We want to collect stories from relatives of veterans (household members & immediate family) about their experience while a relative served away from home.

Immigrants in Newton Forms

We want to collect stories from immigrants currently living in Newton.

Newton Memories Forms