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Newton Talks

An Oral History Project for the City of Newton.

Listen to Interviews

Our interviews can be found on YouTube: view a playlist here, or explore the links below

To help you find content of interest we have listed interviews here by category. Lists contain the name of the interviewee, the date of their interview, the category of interview, as well as a Youtube link to their interview.

Veteran Interviews


Last name First name Date War/Conflict Link to interview
Neumann Peter 03/01/16 Vietnam Listen here
Silverman Richard 03/01/16 WWII Listen here
Chernoff Paul 04/05/16 Vietnam Listen here
Lebowitz Robert 04/05/16 Vietnam Listen here
Brown Manny 05/03/16 WWII Listen here
Hicks John 05/03/16 Korea, Cold War Listen here
LaLiberte Don 05/03/16 Vietnam Listen here
Stoner Phil 06/02/16 Vietnam Listen here
McElaney Kevin 06/02/16 Vietnam Listen here
Aronson Richard 07/07/16 Korea Listen here
Talis Arthur 07/07/16 WWII Listen here
Gumpertz Werner 07/07/16 WWII Listen here
O’ Connor Thomas 08/04/16 Vietnam era Listen here
Tobin Frank 09/01/16 Vietnam Listen here
Breslouf Julius 09/01/16 Korea Listen here
DiCarlo Mario 09/07/16 WWII Listen here
Whitten Robert  10/06/16 Vietnam era Listen here
Tarr Diane 11/03/16 Vietnam Listen here
McTaggart Laura 11/03/16 Gulf War Listen here



Last name First name Date War/Conflict Link to interview
Huber Douglas 01/05/17 Vietnam Listen here
Samuels Ivan 02/02/17 Korea Listen here
Starobin Samuel 02/17/17 WWII, Korea, Vietnam Listen here
Di Foggio Peter 03/02/17 WWII Listen here
Thompson Irwin 03/02/17 Vietnam Listen here
Parad Harvey 04/06/17 Dept of Defense Listen here
Rivetz George 05/04/17 WWII Listen here
Lipsitt Paul D 06/01/17 WWII Listen here
Herr Philip 08/03/17 Korea Listen here

Relatives of Veterans Interviews


Last name First name Date Relation Link to interview
Katz Elyse 10/06/16 Husband served in WWII Listen here



Last name First name Date Relation Link to interview
Flanagan Jean 06/07/18 Husband & brother both served in Vietnam Listen here

Immigrant Interviews


Last name First name Date Country Link to interview
Sooho Alan 03/13/17 China Listen here
Wu Fa (Fred) 04/06/17 Taiwan Listen here
Puzzanghero Maria Cardarelli 04/20/17 Italy Listen here
Morales-Baretto Gisela 05/04/17 Venezuela Listen here
Wang Zeyang 06/07/17 China Listen here
Wei William 06/08/17 China Listen here
Miller Murray 07/06/17 Canada Listen here
Kelso Priscilla 09/14/17 Philippines Listen here
Conneely Patrick 11/02/17 Ireland Listen here



Last name First name Date Country Link to interview
Piecuch Alfreda 02/01/18 Poland Listen here

Newton Memories


Last name First name Date Village Link to interview
Hambro Bruce 02/01/18 Newton Centre Listen here
Isenberg Shirlee 02/12/18 Oak Hill Park Listen here
Connelly  Maureen 03/01/18 Newton Centre Listen here
Haywood Howard & Karen 04/12/18 West Newton Listen here
Goodman June 04/12/18 Newton Highlands Listen here
Stewart John 05/03/18 Lower Falls Listen here