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Newton Talks

An Oral History Project for the city of Newton.

Where to Watch Interviews

Our interviews can be found on YouTube: view a playlist here

To help you find content of interest we have listed interviews by category below.  You will see a listing of the Name of the Interviewee, the Date of their interview, as well as the type of interview.

Veteran Interviews


Last First Date War/Conflict
Neumann Peter 3/1/16 Vietnam
Silverman Richard 3/1/16 WWII
Chernoff Paul 4/5/16 Vietnam
Lebowitz Robert 4/5/16 Vietnam
Brown Manny 5/3/16 WWII
Hicks John 5/3/16 Korea, Cold War
LaLiberte Don 5/3/16 Vietnam
Stoner Phil 6/2/16 Vietnam
McElaney Kevin 6/2/16 Vietnam
Aronson Richard 7/7/16 Korea
Talis Arthur 7/7/16 WWII
Gumpertz Werner 7/7/16 WWII
O’ Connor Thomas 8/4/16 Vietnam era
Tobin Frank 9/1/16 Vietnam
Breslouf Julius 9/1/16 Korea
DiCarlo Mario 9/7/2016 WWII
Whitten Robert  10/6/16 Vietnam era
Tarr Diane 11/3/16 Vietnam
McTaggart Laura 11/3/16 Gulf War



Huber Douglas 1/5/17 Vietnam
Samuels Ivan 2/2/17 Korea
Starobin Samuel 2/17/17 WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Di Foggio Peter 3/2/17 WWII
Thompson Irwin 3/2/17 Vietnam
Parad Harvey 4/6/17 Dept of Defense
Rivetz George 5/4/17 WWII
Lipsitt Paul D 6/1/17 WWII
Herr Philip 8/3/17 Korea


Immigrant Interviews


Last name First Name Date Country
Sooho Alan 3/13/17 1st Gen
Wu Fa (Fred) 4/6/17 Taiwan
Puzzanghero Maria Cardarelli 4/20/17 Italy
Morales-Baretto Gisela 5/4/17 Venezuela
Wang Zeyang 6/7/17 China
Wei William 6/8/17 China
Miller Murray 7/6/17 Canada
Kelso Priscilla 9/14/17 Philippines

Relatives of Veterans Interviews

Last First Date  
Katz Elyse 10/6/16 Husband served in WWII