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Borrowing Bundles

Personalized Book Recommendations
5 Films To-Go
Teen/Tween Book Boxes
Kids' Book Bags
Picture Book Bundles

About the Borrowing Bundles Services

The Newton Free Library is currently offering five different services to give our patrons the very best books and media. Here is a description of each service with a link to learn more. 

Personalized Book Recommendations - Fill out this form to receive 3-5 new book recommendations sent to your email.  

Five Films To-Go - Fill out this form to receive a bag of films based on your preferences. 

Teen Book Boxes - Fill out this form to receive a box full of fun things such as a book, swag and more based on your interests.

Kids' Book Bags - Special kids' book bags for children in 1st-5th grade! Please fill out this form to get started.

Picture Book Bundles Enjoy a Special Bundle of themed Picture Books through Library To-Go! To borrow a themed bundle please email