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OverDrive eBook Help

eBook & eAudiobook Help

Ebook FAQ

Q: How many items can I have checked out?
: 10

Q: How many items can be on my waiting list?
: 7

Q: Can I return a Kindle Book early?
A: Yes, library users can return Kindle Books early. Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" on the Amazon site and view your library loans. From there choose "Return this book."

Q. Can I return an EPUB eBook early from the iOS or Android app?
. Yes. Go to Bookshelf and hold your finger (long press) on the book cover. The return option will appear.

Q: I accidentally checked out a book but cannot download it, so how can I possibly return it?
: This can happen if you choose the wrong format. These will expire from your record. If you are at your limit of 10 items and need to return it, fill out the Overdrive Help form and we will remove the item from your record. 

Q: Should I login to OverDrive with my card number before I start searching?
: Yes! Login BEFORE searching, so that you will see the additional Advantage titles purchased by your library. Most titles are purchased by the Minuteman Library Network and are available to everyone.

Q: Can I see where I am on a waiting list?
: Yes. Go to "Holds" under "Account" to see where you are on a waiting list. Once a hold is available you will have 5 days to check out the item.

Q: I downloaded a title, but cannot find it on my Kindle.
A: Kindle eReaders need to be connected to wireless to transfer eBoooks. Your eBook should appear once you connect to wireless or choose the menu option to "Sync and Check for items."

Q.   What is the difference between EPUB, Kindle format, and PDF eBooks?

  • eReader users (e.g. Nook eReaders such as GlowLight, Sony Reader) should choose EPUB eBooks.
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Nook Tablet, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7 users should select the EPUB format, unless they wish to use the Kindle app (in that case, they would choose Kindle format).
  • eReader Kindle users (e.g. Paperwhite) should select the Kindle format.
  • Kindle Fire users usually select Kindle format, to keep all their books together. But they can also choose EPUB format, and access their eBooks through the OverDrive app.
  • Few titles are in PDF format. PDF is ideal for eBooks with many images such as picture books and graphic novels.

Q. Will I be able to download OverDrive eBooks while I am out of the US?
A: Yes. The OverDrive website and Apps work overseas so long as there is Internet access.

Kindle Fire FAQ

Kindle Fire works with OverDrive, via the OverDrive app or the Digital Media Catalog in your browser. You download via “Deliver to Kindle” action from your amazon account. If you don’t see the new OverDrive eBook on your bookshelf immediately after downloading, turn off your Kindle Fire. The new ebook should show up on your bookshelf when you turn it on again. [Note: you have to register your Kindle Fire on your amazon account before you can download ebooks from OverDrive.]

General eReader Resources