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Law: QuickStart Guide

This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for finding legal information and is intended for public library users and librarians.

Document Delivery Service

Need a document? a case, legislation, regulation, legal form? Fill out a request form, and pending availability and any restrictions the document will be delivered to you by means you have selected, during their library hours, approximately 8am-4pm, depending upon location.

Self Help Center

Massachusetts Court System

Have you received a summons for jury duty

Need help going to court?

Massachusetts Court forms

What does the Massachusetts Court System do? Find out from the League of Women Voters.




Representing Yourself

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) is when an attorney represents or assists a litigant with part, but not all, of his or her legal matter.

Resources: Court Forms, Juror Information and more

Small Claims Court

Court Directories, Decisions & Opinions

The Official Website of the Massachusetts Judicial Branch

The Self-Help Center offers topical approach with forms.

Notice of today's published opinions is provided here and on twitter @MassReports at 8:00 a.m. ET. Today's published opinions will be available on this page after 10:00 a.m. ET. Please note that there may be occasions when a slip opinion listed at 8:00 is not released that day.

Document Delivery

Oral Arguments - SJC

If you are interested in watching an argument on the web, please scroll down to the schedule of cases to be argued and activate this player on the proper morning. The order of arguments, as listed below, may change if circumstances dictate. You may also view a summary of each case prior to viewing the webcast by selecting "Case Summaries."

Cases and Opinions by Court, Plus Rules, Forms, Guidelines, Statistics and more

John Adams Courthouse for the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

Rules of Court

Civil, Criminal, Appellate, Trial Court, SJC, Superior, District/Municipal, Probate and Family, Housing, Juvenile, Land, U.S. Bankruptcy Local Mass. District, Federal Local Mass. District, Time Standards and Case Management, Professional Conduct, Guidelines: Child Support, Sentencing, Evidence, Court Fees are all at this one link, plus Federal link.

Famous Trials

Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692) and the Lizzie Borden Trial (1893) appear in this chronologically arranged resource on famous trials created by a law school professor.

Administrative Agency Rulings and Judicial Courts

How do administrative courts interact with judicial courts?