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Job Seeker's Guide

Where to Find Jobs: Networking

There are people who have the information that you need to find a job, whether it’s about specific job openings, about companies, industries, classes or technical information.  Networking is finding these people by

  • Using personal, professional, and business contacts you already have
  • Finding potential contacts through your research
  • Participating in online networking sites such as LinkedIn

1) First know what you want to do and where you want to do it. Think about who can help you. Make a prelimininary list of:

  • Personal contacts
  • Professional contacts
  • Web 2.0

2) Start making contacts

  • Get the name, title, and mailing addresses for everyone you  speak to
  • Keep a contact list with notes
  • Always ask your current contact about other contacts they might suggest
  • Follow up on the suggestions made
  • Write a thank you note to the contacts who helped you.

3)  Attend related programs and events in your area

  • Professional trade association meetings
  • Job search group presentations and/or meetings
  • Public and business library presentations within your geographical area
  • Job Fairs


Manage Your Online Reputation

Social Networking

LinkedIn -- Networking

Why put LinkedIn separately?  Because it is the most powerful networking tool for your job search and your career.  Using it to its full advantage could mean that employers will find you before you even know there is a job openning.

Social Networking: Using Specific Sites