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Researching Your Family's History

How to Use the Material Listed Here

This section consists of lists of research materials I have put together on various topics relating to genealogy.  Some will be by place or ethnic group.  Others will be by research topic.  They are all in pdf format.  This should make them easy for you to download and/or print out and use.

Books: If you are from Newton, MA or any library in the Minuteman system, you may be able to click on the title of a book and see who owns it in the network. Not all books in the lists are linked to the catalog. You may have to copy and paste titles into the catalog. If you are looking at these lists from outside the Minuteman system (one of several networks in Massachusetts) your own library system may not own the book.  Remember to check with your local public library.  Their interlibrary loan librarian should be able to request a book of interest  from anywhere in the country and have it delivered to your library for your use.

Web Addresses: When you see a web address that is in blue rather than black, that means it is a live link. There should be a number of them on each list.  When you pull up one of the lists, you may discover a particular link you would like to check out. You should be able to do this while you have the list up on the computer. To go to the website, you first must hold down the Ctrl key in the lower left corner of your PC keyboard and, while still holding it down, click on the web address. A new window should open up with your website.

Take a few minutes whenever you are working with a new website to explore its home page. Click on the various tabs. See what the site offers. A perfunctory search may lead you to dismiss a source, when what you need is sitting there all along just a click or two away.  Remember that new information is being constantly added to some of these sites. What is not there today may be there tomorrow.  Keep a hit list of promising sites that you wish to check periodically.


Research Lists by Ethnic Group or Nationality in Alphabetical Order Below

These lists relate specifically to research in a particular country or other type of location.

African-American Research List

Armenian Genealogy

German Genealogy

Hispanic Genealogy

Irish Genealogy Resources

Italian Genealogy Resources

Jewish Genealogy Resources

Polish Genealogy Resources

Ukrainian Genealogy Resources

Research Lists by Topic in Alphabetical Order Below

Below I have placed the lists that relate to a general topic or type of record. Keep checking back.  More lists will be added.

Beginner's List for Starting Your Family History

DNA and Genetic Genealogy

Immigration and Naturalization

Oral History: Saving Family Stories

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