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Walk-Abouts with You by Susan j Schrader

On view January 3-30, Gallery: This work celebrates the artist’s love of life! She starts organically with India ink on a blank canvas, seeing what creatures emerge. Then she begins to add bright, vibrant colors with lots of detail and dots. Susan Schrader communicates emotions through the simplicity of her quirky, little figures who live amongst themselves on their own or together in a moment in time. How they interact with each other on the surface of the canvas invites us to perhaps ponder how we feel when we are faced with a moment in our own lives that brings us to connect with someone or something.

Two Worlds by Anne E.G. Nydam

On view January 3-30, Main Hall: Anne Nydam makes relief block prints by carving designs into rubber or wood. Areas that are carved away remain white, while areas left uncarved are rolled with ink and produce the image. She loves the way block prints allow no halftones - there is only black or white, ink or no ink. Anne enjoys experimenting with pattern and texture, but ultimately everything must be either carved or uncarved, so that each element of an image must be considered not only in its own right, but in its relationship to the elements around it. The artist hopes that her works will help viewers remember to take the time to notice the beauty in our world and to let it inspire them to imagine worlds more beautiful still.

Displays January 2019

Teen Gallery, on view through spring 2019: Based on the theme of the Portrait, each piece showcases some of the many ways in which the human image is interpreted and presented. Pieces in this show are from both Newton North and Newton South High Schools. Frames by Abraxis Framing in Auburndale.

Displays on view through January 30:

Atrium 1: Learn more about the life of America the Beautiful author Katharine Lee Bates and the many books that she wrote. Info: Historic

Atrium 2: Find out about the library's ELL & Literacy program including tutoring opportunities, ELL classes, potluck suppers, the Literacy Collection and more. Info: 617-796-1360 or  Visit:  

Main Hall Cases: Have you ever wondered what glass is made of or how they make it in different sizes, shapes and colors? Louis Lopilato, a member of the Founders Chapter of the National American Glass Club, will provide examples of some processes involved in making, shaping and decorating glass. Info:

Third Floor Language and Literacy Center Country Display: Learn about Cuba  from a display of books, CDs and DVDs!