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Art Exhibits Archive

Eli Portman, May, Gallery Growth from Cracks in Pavement by Eli Portman, Joint Opening Reception, Thursday, May 4, 7:00 pm, on view May 2-30, Gallery:  Eli Portman grew up reading comic books which, as an artist, informed his attraction to dynamic line work. Sharp angles, hatching, light and dark; he uses his dip pen to take the parts of this city that he remembers most, specifically the places that lack exposure, and show their stains, their marks and dents.

When describing his techniques Eli said, “The dip pen is such an amazingly versatile tool. It can capture shadows, curves, the grime and the purity of the places that I like to draw. Sometimes I enjoy drawing on site, pen in hand, watching the sun sink as I sit by the ocean, or with the paper on my lap as my legs dangle over the edge of a cliff, or seated high up on the edge of a multi-level parking garage, the lights of the city below me. It requires immense focus, and firm control of the hand.” He invites viewers to imagine themselves onsite with him, watching the world as it shifts and grows, and passes slowly by. This show is part of the Newton Festival of the Arts.

Barney Levitt, May, Main Hall My Eyes by Barney Levitt, Joint Opening Reception, Thursday, May 4, 7:00 pm, on view May 2-30, Main Hall: Barney Levitt has been making pictures since early childhood. He creates his paintings layer by layer, capturing in painstaking detail every nuance of his subject. His work, most of which is still life driven, is greatly influenced by the works of the Dutch and Flemish masters, particularly Vermeer. He likes working with ‘timeless’ objects which give viewers a sense of the nostalgia of a long ago era. Old radios, telephones and typewriters, rusted antique tools and glass bottles are often the subject matter of his work. He also loves the reflective nature of metallic objects, which capture his image at work in his studio.

Levitt’s still lifes vary in theme from the classical ‘old master’ setups, to the quirkier word play paintings. Titles are important as they give the viewer better insight into what he’s trying to convey.  Humor also plays out in much of his work and he strives for a narrative that will capture the viewers’ attention. His work combines naturalistic detail with quirky offbeat compositions that often juxtapose ordinary objects in ways the viewer doesn’t expect. This show is part of the Newton Festival of the Arts.


Displays May 2017

Amy_XiaoTeen Gallery and Second Floor Display Cases:

A Snapshot of Newton South Arts, Opening Reception, Thursday, April 6, 4:00 pm, second floor Teen Gallery, on view through fall 2017: This collection of student work from Newton South High School is bound by the common thread of self-portraits, both through non-traditional and traditional means. Metaphoric images stand in for the self and snapshots of everyday moments represented in still lifes highlight the building blocks of small moments that comprise our lives. Also included are works that received a Silver Key in the 2017 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards.

Thanks to Eric Blomster of Abraxis Framing Co. in Newton, who provided the frames cost-free. (Image by: A. Xiao)

May displays will be on view through 5/30.

Atrium Cases One and Two: Fidel Castro died November 25, 2016 after ruling Cuba from 1959 – 2008 and outlasting 9 US presidents. Images from Castro’s funeral procession and memorial service will be on display, along with photographs of life in Cuba. Photographer: Dawn Colsia,

Main Hall: Green Newton presents an exhibit prepared by Students for a Greener World (SGW) and students from Newton elementary, middle and high schools. Learn how today’s kids are “greening Newton” and the environment. Info: or email