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Art Exhibits Archive

Patricia Mahon, July, Gallery

Touch the Sky by Patricia Mahon. On view July 5-28, Gallery: Patricia Mahon works on boards using acrylic paint, her own photographs, and bits of other materials such as paper, ribbon and fabric. Often the process begins with a recent photograph of a place where the feeling is what she admires. Some of the images in her paintings are places she has known for many years, others are newly found. In translating the essence of a scape into paint and paper, she retains parts of the photo as desirable. Simplicity is a primary objective. Ms. Mahon is a member of the Cambridge Art Association, Cape Cod Art Association and Guild Hall.

Erica Hess, July, Main Hall

Viewing Light by Erica Hess. On view July 5-28, Main Hall: Erica Hess’ paintings begin with a compositional idea in mind and a narrative derived from her day-to-day experience. Recent work investigates objects that make up her day-to-day life: flowers from the garden, postcards hanging in her studio and small trinkets she has kept over the years. While the formal properties are important, they are only a vehicle. The time she spends looking at the objects, and painting them, allows them to be transformed. Known for her interest in color, Ms. Hess’s work has been exhibited nationally and is included in various publications.

Displays July 2017

Amy_XiaoTeen Gallery and Second Floor Display Cases:

A Snapshot of Newton South Arts, Opening Reception, Thursday, April 6, 4:00 pm, second floor Teen Gallery, on view through fall 2017: This collection of student work from Newton South High School is bound by the common thread of self-portraits, both through non-traditional and traditional means. Metaphoric images stand in for the self and snapshots of everyday moments represented in still lifes highlight the building blocks of small moments that comprise our lives. Also included are works that received a Silver Key in the 2017 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards.

Thanks to Eric Blomster of Abraxis Framing Co. in Newton, who provided the frames cost-free. (Image by: A. Xiao)

July displays will be on view through 7/29.

Summer Displays
Atrium Case One, on view July 5-August 30: Learn about two exciting summer programs at the library! 
  • The STEAM Expo (Saturday, July 15, 12:00-3:00 pm) where tech enthusiasts, traditional crafters, artists, musicians, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers and students will gather for a fun, interactive afternoon. (Info. p. 10)
  • Mayor Warren's Summer Reading Challenge for kids and teens. Visit for information and to register. (Info. p. 1)
Atrium Case 2, on view July 5-August 30: Celebrating 200 years of Henry David Thoreau, a prolific American writer. Explore the many ways that Thoreau's words and actions still hold relevance today. "I love nature, I love the landscape, because it is so sincere." -Journal November 16, 1850. 
Three Main Hall Cases 
On view July 5-30: Learn about the Three R's in a display case sponsored by the City of Newton Department of Public Works Environmental Affairs Division. Examples will include strategies to reduce food waste, prevent plastic bag contamination through reuse and the importance of recycling all paper products. Visit