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Art Exhibits Archive

Nan Hass Feldman, Gallery, June 2017

Paintings from Japan, Australia and Mexico by Nan Hass Feldman, Opening Reception, Thursday, June 8, 7:00 pm, on view June 2-29, Gallery: Nan Hass Feldman is blessed with an optimistic love of life, a very high energy level and a passion for painting. Her interiors and landscapes explore a love of heightened color, pattern and decoration, playful detail and clear yet intricate design. Believing that “more is more,” she delights in making her work overflow with luscious, color-laden content to project a joyful and complex enthusiasm for life, her everyday surroundings and experiences abroad.

Since 1999 Nan has led and taught painting workshops in the French Drôme Provençal and in Aix-en-Provence, as well as in Italy, Mexico and Greece. She teaches in three art museums in Massachusetts and runs the Artist Loft on the Oceania Cruise Line. Her own work reflects a love of art history and her direct response to, and interpretation of the culture, architecture, landscape, language and symbols she encounters in each new trip and teaching experience.

Roxan Marie McKinnon, Main Hall, June 2017

Narratives in Black, White and Red by Roxan Marie McKinnon, on view June 2-29, Main Hall: The prints in this show relate directly to stories - either moments of the artist’s own lived story, or external narratives that she finds especially interesting. Having spent time as a mental health worker and community organizer for many years, Roxan McKinnon values stories because it is through stories that meaning is found in experience and, ultimately, where she believes that culture is born.

Ms. McKinnon works simply, primarily with linoleum blocks. She uses color sparsely because she likes the process of working in black and white - the stark consideration of positive and negative space. The use of the color red emerged during her studies in seminary, and is related to the theme of wisdom. Although many of these prints tell different stories and are from a variety of sources, they share the wisdom theme. 

Displays, June 2017

Teen Gallery and Second Floor Display Cases:

A Snapshot of Newton South Arts, second floor Teen Gallery, on view through fall 2017: This collection of student work from Newton South High School is bound by the common thread of self-portraits, both through non-traditional and traditional means. Metaphoric images stand in for the self and snapshots of everyday moments represented in still lifes highlight the building blocks of small moments that comprise our lives. Also included are works that received a Silver Key in the 2017 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards.

Thanks to Eric Blomster of Abraxis Framing Co. in Newton, who provided the frames cost-free. (Image by: A. Xiao)

Atrium Case One, on view July 5-August 30: Learn about two exciting summer programs at the library!
•    The STEAM Expo (Saturday, July 15, 12:00-3:00 pm) where tech enthusiasts, traditional crafters, artists, musicians, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers and students will gather for a fun, interactive afternoon.
•    Mayor Warren's Summer Reading Challenge for kids and teens. Visit for information and to register.

Atrium Case 2, on view July 5-August 30: Celebrating 200 years of Henry David Thoreau, a prolific American writer. Explore the many ways that Thoreau's words and actions still hold relevance today. "I love nature, I love the landscape, because it is so sincere." -Journal November 16, 1850.

Three Main Hall Cases, on view July 5-30: Learn about the Three R's in a display case sponsored by the City of Newton Department of Public Works Environmental Affairs Division. Examples will include strategies to reduce food waste, prevent plastic bag contamination through reuse and the importance of recycling all paper products. Visit