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Art Exhibits Archive

Kim and Cynthia Triedman, April 2018, Gallery

Pentimento: A Mother-Daughter Show by Cynthia and Kim Triedman on view April 3-29, Gallery: Collage is a medium that defies easy description. Artists approach it in so many unique ways, with so many different techniques and materials. Cynthia Triedman, formally trained, has been making art for most of her 83 years. Her work has always been filigree-fine -- exquisite, often pain-staking and precise. Kim Triedman is both a visual artist and a writer, and her collage work takes on a decidedly narrative and whimsical bent. It’s very meaningful to both artists that at this point in their lives they can share in this endeavor. While they have this wonderful thing in common, each artist brings her unique and very personal perspective to the work.  


Claudia Kaufman, April 2018, Main Hall

Delicious on view April 3-29, Main Hall: As a contemporary realist painter, Claudia Kaufman’s works are studies in observation - still life set-ups of familiar objects that are deceptively simple, yet complex. She challenges herself to translate the perceived three-dimensional world to a two-dimensional field by observing and capturing the conditions of light, form, color and space through the painterly properties of oil paint. Stopping short of photo-realism, she works to keep the signs of her hand and brushstroke in the work and is particularly intrigued by the drama of light, transparency, reflection and shadows.