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Activities and Information

Other Fun Stuff


Circus Smirkus is providing at home circus training, featuring Newton tweens and teens!

            All Kinds of Fun

            Learn something new!

  • America's Test Kitchen - Recipes and cooking activities for kids.
  • Ask Dr. Universe - Send in questions about the universe or browse past questions and answers. 
  • Code Academy - Sign up and learn how to code.
  • CryptoClub - Test your code cracking skills with this website! 
  • Farmer’s Almanac - A farmer’s almanac for kids! Learn about weather, animals and moon phases.
  • My First Garden - Learn the basics of starting your own garden.
  • Scratch - Program your own stories, games or animations and share them with the community. 
  • Star Wars Coding - Learn how to code through Star Wars!
  • Tinkercad - Learn to design in 3D.
  • Virtual Instruments - Play with virtual instruments and learn new music.
  • What was there - Put in any city, state or country and see what it looked like in the past.
  • Wonderopolis A new "Wonder of the Day" question is posted with facts, information, suggestions for activities,  useful links, and sometimes videos.
  • Youngzine - Interested in current events? Check out this kids news page!

            Videos and webcams