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Activities and Information


Educational Sites

  • Over 400 online science exhibits - Explore exhibits around the world covering topics that range from dinosaurs to space.
  • Access Mars - Let the Curiosity Rover take you on a tour of Mars.
  • Biodigital - Sign up to learn about the human body through interactive 3D models.
  • The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That - A PBS site that includes videos, digital games and hands-on activities about science for young children and their parents and caregivers.
  • Cells Alive - Visit this site to learn all about cells.
  • Chemicool Periodic Table - Learn all about the periodic table through this interactive site.
  • Climate Kids - A fun site that brings you fun facts about the climate. Learn about weather, water and energy!
  • Earthquakes for Kids - Find everything about Earthquakes here! Discover cool facts, photos, animations and science projects.
  • Innerbody - Study the human body through these interactive models.
  • NASA Space Place - Learn all about space through games, videos, activities and more!
  • National Geographic Young Explorers - Listen and read! Learn all about animals through online issues of this magazine.
  • Scratch - MIT's project to help kids program their own interactive stories, games, and animations.
  • Smithsonian Ocean - Dive into the ocean and see what you can discover about ocean life!
  • Weather Wiz Kids - From rainbows to tornados- explore the world of weather brought to you by meteorologist, Crystal Wicker.     
  • NASA Media Collection - Photos and sounds form outer space and more.


  • A+ Click - Math and logic problems. For grades 1 and up
  • Arcademics - Online math and language games that can be sorted by grade level and subject matter.
  • Bedtime Math - A collection of hands on math activities that the whole family can enjoy together.
  • Bird Academy Play Lab - Cornell University offers games about birds.
  • Boddle - Sign up to join an interactive math game that provides math practice and assessments.
  • Bring Science Home - A list of science activities that can be done at home with household items.  Aimed for kids ages 6-12.
  • Club SciKidz - Check out this blog for science experiments you can do at home.
  • - free online coding classes for students of all ages.
  • Curriculum Associates - Download worksheets and activity math packs. For grades K-8
  • Dragonbox - Play online algebra games. For ages 4 and up
  • Elemental Science- Over 80 science activities to do at home!
  • Freddy’s Fractions - Practice your fraction problem solving skills through online games.
  • Fun Brain Games - Click here to play online math games.For grades K-8
  • Gridclub- Math games galore!
  • Homeschool Scientist - Paper structure engineering activities you can try at home.
  • Learning Space With NASA at Home - Space and science activities.
  • Math playground - More fun math games to play online! For grades 1-6
  • Mathscore - Practice your math skills online.  
  • National Geographic Kids - Games, videos and more.
  • Phet Simulations - Interactive science and math lab simulations. 
  • Science of Cooking - Learn all about science in your kitchen.  Try out recipes and food related experiments.
  • Skype a Scientist - This organization offers children and families opportunities to interact with scientists from around the world. 
  • Steve Spangler Science - A large collection of science experiments you can do at home.
  • TumbleMath is free through the end of August.  Username: matumbles Password: trial


Lessons and resources

  • CK-12 - Study science and math with these interactive digital textbooks. All grade levels
  •  DreamBox - An online math program that looks at how a student is solving problems and adjusts accordingly to create a unique learning path for them. For grades K-8
  • Everyday Earth - Sign up for interactive Earth sciences lessons.
  • Math Celebrity - An automated online math tutor that will break down math problems and show you the step by step work. For grades 2 to high school
  • NOAA  - Many idea for education in earth science at home.
  • XtraMath - Practice your math skills with these online activities.
  • Zearn - A curriculum that builds deeper understanding and love for math. For grades K-5

Resources for students in middle school and up

  • CanFigureIt - Sign up for an interactive way to learn geometry. For high school students
  • Chemistry Concepts - A collection of chemistry articles. For high school students.
  • Delta Math - A wide range of math content. For middle school and high school students
  • Dr.Roger’s Math - A video series covering SAT math problems
  • Playmada - Learn about chemistry through challenging online games. For high school students
  • Positive Physics - Learn about physics through challenging problems and educational videos.
  • Science Spot - Science projects that can be completed without Internet access.  For middle school students
  • SepUp - Study issue oriented science through these online courses. For middle school and high school students
  • Tyto online - Engage directly with science through video games that challenge you to solve food shortages, save animals, study ecosystems and more. For middle school students.