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Job Seeker's Guide

Career Exploration

Multi-Purpose Sites for Job Hunters

Many of the tabs above include websites and databases that are dedicated to or especially good in a particular area of job hunting. The list below includes particularly notable websites that cover a multitude of job hunting topics. They are worth exploring.

Metro South/West American Job Center (formerly Employment and Training Resources)

The Metro South/West American Job Center (formerly Employment and Training Resources Career Centers) is located in Framingham, MA.

Check their Framingham and Norwood calendars for upcoming workshops.

Jewish Vocational Services (JVS)

JVS has opened a Newton office at 61 Chapel Street.

For further information about their services and contact information please consult their website at

Career Transitions Databases

Career Transitions is a database available from the Newton Free Library. 

Whether you are are actively looking for a job or considering the pursuit of a new line of work, Career Transitions can help you:

  1. explore new career possibilities
  2. assess your interests and experience
  3. identify ways to improve your prospects, including networking and educational opportunities
  4. prepare for a job search
  5. search and apply for jobs

You can easily discover and target fast-growing careers and industries in Massachusetts or in locations across the United States. Career Transitions also features quick assessments to help you identify new opportunities based on your current skills, occupational knowledge, and interests.

You will have the opportunity to create a personal profile and use a Career Toolkit to build and save resumes, cover letters, and references. You may return to your profile later to track and update their progress in job searching, career exploration, and education planning.