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Mental Health

Mental Health Resources

Looking for mental health services in the local area? Websites for Massachusetts Services includes links to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Human and Mental Health Services; a link to Newton Cares: Coalition for Suicide Prevention; the Boston Bar Association’s Parents’ How-To Guide to Children’s Mental Health Services in Massachusetts (PDF) as well as links to other Mental Health organizations.

Suicide Prevention includes recommended web resources, a Suicide Prevention bibliography, and information about Hotlines.

See Print Resources for a selection of recommended Mental Health titles in the Newton Free Library collection.

Health Information Databases

Search these databases by Subject "Mental Health" for journal and magazine articles, books, pamphlets, news, videos, and audiofiles/transcripts.


All health questions and concerns are best answered by a health care provider. These links are provided for general information purposes only. Please speak with your health care provider about the information you read on these guides.